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Monday, 30 July 2018

10 most Frequent Health Issues in Monsoons



"Monsoon" a season in India starts around June & continues till middle September. This season bring lots of brightness with it everywhere; (feels lively) the rain which kind of forces us to have dance in this climate & feel wet with later enjoyment of  hot samosas, pakoras with tea or coffee is adorable.

In Overall, this season is the best.

But with all these happiness & live, it also brings along many problems such as water logging, slippery and clogged roads, flooding & even health problems.

We notice many health issues in this weather because the moisture in air triggers growth of many harmful microbes, resulting in infections, diseases & allergies. Some of which  are preventable and be cured with doctor's guidance, while others require proper medical attention, otherwise they can turn deadly.

Some of these common infections and diseases are as follows: 

1. DENGUE- A mosquito-borne viral infection mostly transmitted by (Aedes) female mosquitoes, the mosquito also responsible for yellow fever, chikungunya. There is presently no vaccines for Dengue, so the best prevention is to escape from mosquito bite. Well, it can't spread directly from one person to another.                                                                      So, using mosquito bed, insect & mosquito repellent to prevent entry of mosquito  in home and offices along with; try wearing full sleeves tops and bottoms for complete protection.

2. JAUNDICE-  Described as yellowing of skin,  eyes and other body parts. It happen because of build up of bilirubin(yellow pigment) a waste material found in blood created by breakdown of dead RBCs in Liver. Normally, jaundice affects Liver the most but other parts can even be affected such as Blood, Spleen , Gall Bladder.                                                  Maintaining high standard of sanitation & hygiene , prefer eating warm and fresh food, drink boiled and filtered water. 

3.TYPHOID-  Acute illness caused by Salmonella enterica serotype typhi bacteria or Salmonella paratyphi through contaminated water or food which further leads to high fever, diarrhea & vomiting.                                                                                                              Two types of Typhoid vaccines are available for typhoid fever 1)Oral vaccine: alive, attenuated vaccine taken by mouth. 2) Typhoid shot: inactivated (killed) vaccine given as shot.


4. VIRAL FEVER -  Very common infectious disease in rainy season. Because of sudden weather change cold, constant sneezing, sore throat all these  symptoms follow fever l for around 3-8 days.                                                                                                  Considering these simple precautions will be helpful for you against viral fever; avoid yourself from getting wet in rain, have glass to hot turmeric milk , gargle with warm water &  salt for sore throat.

5. DIARRHEA- Typical symptom of bowel infection characterized by passing loose or watery bowel movements more then what is usually normal. It is caused by infection in Gastrointestinal tract which can be bacterial, viral, parasitic.                                                     But the best is, it can be easily diagnosed & healed at home simply by drinking more fluids to get rid of dehydration, avoid caffeine , diary or sugary products, wash hands thoroughly with soap & warm water after using toilet.

6. FUNGAL INFECTIONS- Monsoon, a ideal breeding season for bacteria, virus & fungi along with many infections; especially fungal infections such as ringworm, athlete foot, nail infections. Most of these are not life threatening, but visiting a dermatologist can up any sort of risk.                                                                                                                          Following simple preventive tips like no closed shoes in rainy season, always stay hydrated, use sunscreen against harmful sun rays, try wearing loose fitting clothes can be really very helpful.

7.EYE INFECTIONS- Few eye problems to be careful with in rainy season; conjunctivitis, dry eyes, eye allergies, stye, swelling of eyes. Mostly people enjoy monsoon but are not aware that eye contact with rain water can result in many infections. Eye care need to top priority for an individual but with any risk consult eye doctor immediately.                                So avoid eye direct eye contact with person having any eye infection, clear your eye-wear time 2 time, wash your hands properly before touching your eyes, avoid sharing your makeups. 

8.SKIN INFECTIONS- Rainy season brings joy, pleasure, boosts our mood, but even becomes host of  stomach ailments being food poisoning, gastritis, diarrhea etc. The infection can be caused by contaminated or uncovered water or food.                                Few ways to keep these infections away includes avoid eating street food, drink filtered and boiled water, avoid swimming, wash your hands properly with soap before eating.

9. ALLERGIES- With change in weather and increase in moisture, there is also the increase in skin, eyes, body allergies most of which are due to pollen. These smaller pollen are readily absorbed causing itching and further problems.                                                             Survive monsoon allergies; greater intake of green leafy vegetables enhance immunity, close doors & windows when there is dust storm, take shower& change clothes after you have been playing outside.

10. INFLUENZA/FLU - A respiratory, highly contagious viral illness; with signs & symptoms like runny nose, body/headaches, chest pain, cold/cough, can easily spread from one person to another.                                                                                                                      Painkillers can be effective in some symptoms like fever, muscle aches,chills, keep warm, use of handkerchief while sneezing or coughing, try to avoid crowded areas, get flu vaccine as soon as possible.

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