How Health and Fitness differs from each other

HEALTHY & FIT LIFE : What Does it Actually Means?

"Health" a very vast term, many people aren't even aware of. People believe Good Health is being fit, absence of diseases and  able to perform exercises.

But the thing is "You can be totally Healthy, but not Fit; and You can be for sure Fit, but not Healthy. In Fact, even if person exercises, that doesn't means he/she can never get Cancer or any other pains.

Fitness Vs Health

Since childhood the basic concept we believed was, if you were Physically Fit, you were Healthy. Sadly, the concept is conclusively False.


"The ability to perform muscular work satisfactory" is defined as Fitness as per the World Health Organisation.

Fitness mainly focuses on your Physical Health, however, you might be mentally or      socially stressed out. Like as; A person exercises, do all other physical activities, just to stay in shape: This is Fitness.

Components of Fitness

Fitness has five main components, you need to consider: Speed, Flexibility, Strength, Balance and Muscular Endurance.


defined as"a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of diseases infirmity"- World Health Organisation.
Many factors affects Health including genetics, environment, relationships and education. Thus, the best way to maintain Health is to follow a Healthy lifestyle.

It's not enough to eat right, exercise daily; one must be mentally active, participate in projects that makes you happy and relaxed. Hence, Health governs overall well-being of an individual.

Components of Health

Common five components for better Health


Now you know the difference between health & fitness. I think it's pretty much clear that these two terms differ from each other, but are interlinked.

"Workout for absolute Fitness & Meditate for complete Health".

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