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Thursday, 9 August 2018

How to Naturally Treat Typhoid Fever

Natural treatment for typhoid

A serious bacterial infection spread through dirty water and contaminated food. it contributes  to common symptoms like headache, fever, vomiting. Some natural home remedies which are effective for typhoid fever are as discussed below:


Contains a fiber named pectin used for high cholesterol, color cancer, diabetes and is beneficial to absorb liquid from intestines. For banana to work more efficiently consuming with skimmed milk or buttermilk is suggested. Ripe banana can also be consumed or mixing with yogurt is also a best way.


The presence of essential oils which are loaded with antibacterial properties , is the reason of clove been used as home remedy to get rid of typhoid. It can be helpful in preventing diarrhea & vomiting as well. Boil few buds of clove in 5-8 cups of water until it becomes half, let it cool  and consume 3 times a day. Clove tea is also suggested for diarrhea and better immunity.


When suffering from typhoid fever, the effective tip to get rid from it is by cold compressed method. This method quickly brings down your body temperature. Dip washcloth in tap cool water & squeeze it, Place it on your forehead. For better results, change washcloth frequently and repeat it regularly till temperature drops.


Because of antimicrobial properties garlic is preferable to fight off  typhoid causing bacteria. It provides strength to body and improves immunity . Eat 2 cloves on empty stomach for several weeks to fight typhoid symptoms. Even half crushed garlic with cup of milk and some water, boil till the solution is 1/4 of amount, consuming this solution thrice a day is guided old age home remedy.

As too much loss of liquid from human body due to typhoid symptoms    effective  oral re-hydration solution can be made by using basic kitchen ingredients found in every house, either can be purchased from chemist shop. Take 1/2 teaspoon of salt and 4 teaspoon of sugar in 3 cups of water, if possible add half 5-6 teaspoon of orange to juice to give taste. Drink this till watery stool is completely  recovered. 

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