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Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Treat Influenza naturally with these home remedies

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INFLUENZA- Viral flu which leads to respiratory illness is highly contagious & can spread easily through cough/ sneeze. Young children, elderly people are at higher risk of flu and also prove to develop complications. Common symptoms includes headache, high temp, fatigue,diarrhea,vomiting& may stay for a week.

Homemade Remedies:

1.GINGER: It is anti-viral, antiseptic, antioxidant & even anti-inflammatory helps to treat symptoms like diarrhea, high temp, headache related to flu.
Add ginger slices in boiling water that helps to soothe cough & sore throat, cold, fever and headache. It also ward off nausea feelings that accompanies influenza.

2. PROBIOTICS:  Live bacteria, yeast that are good for digestive system & helps to keep your gut healthy. You can find it in supplements and goods like yogurt, tempeh, pickles and others. It helps to send food through your gut by affecting nerves that control gut movement. They does not provide treatment from outside of body rather helps to activate body's own immune system. Thus, overall probiotics prevents cold , flu & are safe.

3. HOT LIQUIDS: Usually flu gets better in weeks without treatment , however maintaining healthy diet helps to recover & restore symptoms of flu to the earliest. Hot drink relives runny nose, sore throat, cough, cold, tiredness & chilliness. Soups, drinks, tea keep you hydrated, reduces inflammation in in your body & boosts your immune system. 
Good option during flu & cold includes: ginger tea, soup, honey & lemon tea, chicken soup. Thus, continue eating and drink healthy to recover soon.

4. VITAMIN C: The important vitamins & antioxidants to keep your body healthy and strong found in vegetables, fruits(citrus), or vitamin pills, chew-able tablets are favored for treating flu. Increase your vitamin intake to activate immune system against viruses & enhance its functioning. 
Taking Vitamin C through fruits, vegetables is safe while supplement are advised with proper dosage recommendation(75 mg per day for woman, 90 mg per day for man).

5. SOUPS: According to study chicken soup has many medicinal benefits that has great impact on your immune system and prevent viruses  from spreading causing diseases(flu). It is therefore recommended to consume chicken soup to relieve flu symptoms and feel better. But when an individual is vegetarian, vegetable soup, tomato soup, corn soup, carrot soup are all well recommended for weak immunity. Vegetables in all theses soups has health benefits that helps your body to fight against germs that causes body sickness.

Thank you all for share and views,hope this post helped you to know the home remedies for flu and sore throat You may also like to see:

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