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Friday, 28 September 2018

How to treat Seasonal Allergies with simple home remedies

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Allergies- With a relief from summer every year, monsoons do bring infections, allergies, diseases along with it. Because of excess moisture fungal & bacterial  infections also increases. People face allergies  because of increase in these pollen's and moisture during this season.

Some natural remedies for seasonal allergies:

1.Apple Cider Vinegar:

Commonly used home remedy to soothe itching & skin rashes. Allergic reactions happen because of sensitive immune system, thus it requires treatment that should not cause any side effects to your system. Thus, it is scientifically proved that apple cider vinegar is an effective treatment for allergic reactions.

From a family of succulent plant, its gel filled leaves relieves symptoms of skin rashes, inflammation, allergies and works as an antibiotic. It helps to reduce discomfort, pain  & has magical healing capabilities.
Before using, check if you are allergic to aloe, check some amount of gel at back of your ears, if itching, redness shows discontinue the use.
Directly apply aloe-vera gel on affected area; make sure the area and the hands are thoroughly cleaned before using the gel.

3. Neem:

A anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, anti-allergic,anti-viral,anti-diabetic,blood purifier the known herb which is bitter but full of life benefits.
Ancient  times neem was used in day to day work, like brushing of teeth, prevent infections from entering houses by just trying neem leaves in front door.
It can be consumed internally; neem tea, capsules, neem juice or can be used externally; neem oil, lotion, neem powder masks, apply them in affected area (skin rashes,redness,itching).


Feeling spring times allergy which can be through pollen's, dust, pet dander. Our immune system reacts for any such foreign  substance & tries to destroy it. Allergies  the form of immune system reacting to foreign substances. It can be seasonal or sometimes even chronic for your health.The easy, natural & simple way to cope is inhaling steam(or taking steam shower).Such a simple medication helps to ease your stuffed nose helping you breathe easily. 
Fill pan with water and bring it to boil, remove the pan & directly inhale the steam from boiled water. Steaming can even be enhanced by adding few drops of essential oils(tea tree, rosemary)

5. Coriander:

Pollen, dust, pets a few reasons for allergic  reactions can be treated using some easy to find   plants. Such as Coriander; both leaves &   fruits(seeds)are used in food as well for   medications. It is used to treat various types of   health issues, diarrhea, nausea, digestion,   anxiety & insomnia as well. 
Using coriander in soups, vegetables, rice  dishes helps to enhance your immune system   which is the basic reason of allergy, as immune   system shows allergic symptoms to get rid of   foreign particles entering your body.

Thank you for the share and view, hope this post helped you to know the natural remedies for seasonal allergies. You may also like to see:

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