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Thursday, 11 October 2018

Natual remedies for Eye Infections

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Eye Infections: 'Summers' are gone and ''Monsoon' is here, the season that brings joy & happiness but along with it many infections causing discomfort to human health especially eyes accompanies. Conjunctivitis, dry eyes, styes are few such examples of eye infections . They can spread fro one individual to another when sharing things like towels, glasses, rubbing eyes, using contact lens es regularly can also be a reason for eye infection.

Eye infection home remedies:

Sugar replacement in food has many health benefits as well useful in weight loss, treating diabetes. Ancient studies showed that honey does reduces eye inflammation, prevent cornea diseases, treat eye infections, redness and provide re-freshness to tired eyes.
Use- Dissolve, honey in boiled water and using dropper add 1-2 drops in eyes every few hours. Using eyewash containing honey and warm water is also an option, wash your eye thoroughly.

Itching, redness,dryness, pink eyes and other eye infections affects your vision, makes eye sensitive to light, eye swells. But are thankful nature has provided us with many fruits, vegetables that can also be used for medicinal purposes, one such medicine is potato that help us to heal burning sensation, redness, itching in your body as well in eyes.
Use- Slice raw potato and place them directly over your closed eyes, they ease the burning sensation and provides relief from redness.

Most commonly used beauty product recommended in cosmetic industries, it is even great for your eyes. As being used in Ayurveda, it has cleansing, soothing effects on your eyes. Helps to treat eye infection working as pain reliever, excellent cleansing agent for eyes. Rose water acts as anti-depressant & anti-inflammatory agent on your body.  
Use-Using clean cotton pad tap rosewater around your eyes to provide soothness.
Add 2-3 drops of rosewater in your eyes to reduce redness, burning and relax your eyes.

Extra virgin coconut oil a treatment for ailments, especially for pink eyes (conjunctivitis) . It is anti-viral , anti-bacterial, anti-fungal , contains minerals and vitamins  to fight against sensation, redness, itching caused by eye reactions. As coconut oil is advised for pink eyes, this treatment help to heal conjunctivitis easily and quickly within days.
Use- Apply coconut oil around eye area using cotton and always new cotton pad to prevent infection from further spreading.
Clean, dried cloth can also use to heal eyes, cool and warm cloth soothe inflammation, pain, swelling & itching.

Anti-bacterial herb helps to get rid of pink eye using this natural medication. These seeds are useful & effective for various health complications from years back. Many studies have proved the use of fennel seeds to cure pink eye, inflammation, itching and eye redness.
Use- Boil fennel seeds in water for 2-3 minutes, allow solution to cool down completely and wash your eyes using this solution.

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