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Saturday, 20 October 2018

Self Treatment for Fever

Fever is actually the way your body reacts against any foreign particles entering your body, it increases your temperature above 37
°C. Generally, low grade fever is harmless for your body as it is just the immune system response to fight against outside infections. However, if it rises too high; it can be serious and proper treatment is required.

Some easy to get remedies are mentioned below to fight against mild fever symptoms:

1. Tulsi:

Also known as Basil in many parts of the world. Many researches have been published on uses of tulsi for healthy and disease free lifestyle. (Journal of Ayurveda & Integrative Medicine). It has antibiotic, antimicrobial properties and can defeat many viral, fungal, bacterial infections that are harmful for human body. 
Tulsi tea is advised for fever, boil tulsi leaves in a\water and drink the mixture once cooled every 2-3 cups per day for better results. Tulsi juice also helps to lower body temperature, extract juice from leaves by    adding water and intake 2-3 sips with water.

2. Neem:

A advisable herb for your healthy immune system and even for flu, fever, proper digestion system.
Intake neem as neem water( boiling neem in water and consuming once cold),orally neem leaves( it's bitter but really beneficial for your immunity).Your body and immune system needs proper care because of weakness and dehydration caused. Keep your body hydrated( consume more fluid not alcohol), proper rest and sleep and having a healthy diet ( not any type of junk).

3. Ginger:

Having antibacterial properties it is recommended for cold, cough, fever. 
Consuming it any form is recommendable be it ginger tea, grated ginger in boiling water or ginger juice( including lemon, honey and ginger) for 2–3 times a day. But do always remember to check small amount before consumption for any allergic reaction

4. Grapes:

A compound having anti-cancer, anti-viral, anti-inflammation properties protecting and fighting against many diseases. These fruits are used widely for nutritional purposes, preparing wines, juices and even for medicinal objectives. 
We feel thirsty during fever; fluids intake is essential, such as grapes juice a good option in the case. Smash grapes in hot water and form a mixture, consume this mixture warm to prevent frequent throat dryness, provide energy to body and bring down body temperature.

5.Orange juice:

Our body feels more thirsty and less hungry during high temperature, for this fluids consumption is must. Fruit juice is the best way to remove throat dryness and provide body energy as it contains essential nutrients required by your body to stay healthy. Orange juice contains great source of energy to fight against diseases, remove body toxins, reduce inflammation and boost your immune system.
Take fresh oranges and squeeze its juice for drinking a glass every 3-4 hours to recover at fast from fever.

Thank you everyone for viewing my posts, main motive of my posts are to share the easiest way the people can treat themselves, rather then relying on medicines for cure as once body gets used to medicines the infections starts getting resistant to antibiotics and it becomes difficult to cure them. Thus, follow these tips on earliest to prevent further increase in your infections. But always remember to consult a doctor if the symptoms persists long.

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