Reasons Why You are not Losing Weight


In today world everyone wants to look perfect with their body. With a google search data, search related to weight loss have increased and obesity have decreased. We individuals think eating more and less exercising is cause for weight gain. But, this is not always the reality(maybe in some cases),even if consuming small amount of food but an unhealthy diet leads to so call obesity. The reason is unhealthy food such as junk food, fast food, more oily food(burger, pizza,etc.) takes long interval of time to break down releasing less energy as per body requirement; in comparison to a healthy bowl full of all vegetables and fruits.
People blindly follow many techniques, consume products, buy online goods as shown in many commercials and result to their side effects. Thus, remember to always look for the effects and side effects of things and services before following them.


Online Goods/Supplements:


In this on going weight loss struggle,commercials play a wise role and deliver products promising the surety to lose weight without exercising or doing any physical activity ("sayings take 2-3 spoons in water or milk daily for guaranteed results" ).We follow them without any complete knowledge,spending alot and fail to lose weight.

Starvation & Dieting: 

Your body works like an engine; as engine requires fuel for its proper functioning, similarly your body requires energy that it extracts from the food eaten. But when a person is starving or dieting the amount of energy supply is low compared to the required amount thus, causing side effects and weakness to your body. As the body feels tired and weak during dieting, it causes low in body functioning.

Because of these discussed reasons; whenever weight loss procedure is followed complete knowledge should be gathered. Prior study of effects and side effects should be done and then only a complete chart should be made to follow the schedule.


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