Natural Treatment for Stretch Marks

Stretch marks cause because of elastic fibers breakage, well they are not harmful and can be cure easily  However, some natural products are proved to be helpful in reducing and fading these stretch marks.

Few of those products are discussed as:
1. Aloe Vera: A wound healer and plant rich in many nutrients that are good for your skin's health. It is effective in curing stretch marks caused because of elastic fibers break, when pulled excessively. Aloevera contains minerals, vitamins that helps in faster healing of these stretch marks.

Use: Directly apply the gel extract from leaves on the area with stretch marks. 
Form a massage oil with aloevera, almond oil, honey and massage your affected area, wash it after 10-15 mins.

2. Coconut oil: Oil preferred for cooking, cosmetics & even for skin products, It gets absorb easily into your skin and helps to prevent dryness, damages to the skin. Similarly, can be used to cure stretch marks. These marks occurs naturally, thus can be cured easily; regularly applying virgin coconut oil  on the concerned area with so positive results.

Use: The oil can be used directly on the stretch marks every-time before going to bed. 
The mixture of aloevera, coconut oil & honey is also an effective remedy for the marks.

3.Cocoa Butter: During pregnancy, puberty, rapid weight gain people complains for the stretch marks affecting many noticeable areas of their body, it depends mostly on your skin type. Cocoa butter is a well known moisturizing agent rich in antioxidants, that penetrates your skin to moisture the body. Because of its moisturizing property it proved to be treatment for stretch marks.

Use: Apply cocoa butter 3-4 times a day on concerned region,; continuous use of the butter for a month helps to remove stretch marks to the fullest.

4. Tea Tree Oil: This oil is used in many beauty, medicinal and skin products. Though smell of oil is not very great but the effect is absolutely amazing. Stretch marks causes itching, irritation in that specific area and sometimes in nearby area as well, tea tree oil as anti-inflammatory properties; it helps to reduce the inflammation for faster healing of marks.

Use: Use oil every 2-3 times a day and even before going to bed, in a month results will be astonishing and embarrassment for seeing yourself in minor will disappear.

5. Lemon: The product is found easily in every kitchen. Used in wide food varieties, even in curing pimples, scars and stretch marks. Lemon is widely advised for the stretch marks because it fades them without having any side effects. It is rich in vitamin C,  antioxidants and is a natural bleaching agent.

Use: Directly use lemon on the stretch marks, let it dry and wash after 4-6 mins.
aloevera, lemon, castor oil/ olive oil mixture is beneficial; apply on the region, let it dry and wipe off. Repeat twice a day for better results. 

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