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Monday, 22 October 2018

Stretch Marks | Causes of Stretch Marks


These are the marks found after excess of stretching. They can be found in both men and women, most often on hips, thighs, abdomen(near naval), breasts, lower back. Stretch marks appears pink, grey, red, brown depending on your skin color.


1. Puberty: The age when human body undergoes hormonal and many other physical changes. Both girls & boys gain weight and grow rapidly, however  your skin is not able to cope with rapid growth that exceeds more than the skin can expand. As a result the elastic fibers under your skin tears causing marks(pink, red...) known as stretch marks.

2. Pregnancy: Stretch marks are most common in pregnant women's either during pregnancy or after the birth. At this period of time,mothers gain weight and later looses it promptly causing elastic fibers to break. Because women undergoes these physical and hormonal changes, stretch marks do occur. Around 90% women experience these stretch marks at their pregnancy stage.

3. Medication: In today's world  individual is more dependent on medicines for acute to chronic diseases. Being on these medication they undergo physical changes i.e. body swelling, weight gain, bloating, these all issues causes stretch marks. These changes can be because of many reasons, affecting your body metabolism; such as by drugs for diabetes(insulin), birth control pills, blood pressure reducing drugs(Beta blockers).

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