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Thursday, 29 November 2018

Causes of Dark Circles Under Eyes

Eyes the most noticeable part of your face; beautiful, healthy, attractive are very appreciated. But it becomes a matter of concern when those beautiful eyes have dark circles under it. There are many causes for these dark circles; whether genetically appeared or the lifestyles makes them appear. In this, post we will be learning few factors responsible for the dark circles.

Causes of Dark Circles:
1. Age-

 Dark circles can be natural by the aging phenomenon. We all grow older and with this our skin starts to get thinner,loosing elasticity,collagen,weakening fat muscles. These all results in wrinkles,paleness,saggy skin.
In addition to this,with paleness,thinner skin; visibility of eyes bags and blood vessels beneath the eye area increases. Further being a reason for dark circles under your eyes.


The lifestyles,medications all are the reasons for dark circles. Being permanent or curable, dark circles can easily appear because the skin near your eyes is the thinnest. 
The family history of dark circles can have maximum chances for your dark circles, from any of your family member (mother, father, grandparents). Thus, it can be said; genetics becomes a culprit for the dark circles, shared to your from your parents.

3. Allergies-

Immune system works against entry of any foreign particle inside your body. It shows reactions like allergy, fever and many others. Fever; makes your body a heating ball, this fights against that foreign particle but shows some affect on to your head,throat,heart.

Similarly, when suffered from allergic reactions, the most affected areas are the nose & eyes. Eyes swells,looks puffy. This happens because of 'Histamine', chemical released by the body  during allergy. However, affecting blood vessels developing dark circles.

4. Stress-

The skin around your eyes is more thin,compared to the other parts skin of your face. Meaning that area is prone to get affected than any other area. Face can express many emotions, struggles, feelings whether from your outer body or from inner body. Trying to hide struggles, emotions internally are also expressed on face mostly. 

Similarly, stress an internal struggle of your body from work or any personal life The stress affects the flow of blood & blood vessels making your skin looks dull and pale. This contributes for dark circles under your eyes.

5. Lack of Sleep-

Mostly heard from anyone when asked for the cause of dark circles; "you do not sleep well,  take proper 7-8 hours sleep".Many researches & scientists have also shown the relation between sleep depletion & dark circles.Waken up, partying, mobiles, chatting; all these make us late night up for long hours while need to get up early next morning. This lets us in a sleepy hangover affecting your health as well your skin.The body does not receive complete rest as much required,affects the blood vessels under your eyes. These contribute in highlighting dark circles under the eyes. 
Thank you for the share and views, hope this post helped you the causes of dark circles under eyes You may also like to see

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  1. This information is meaningful and magnificent, Which you have shared here about the causes of Black Circles Under Eyes. It is very informative in reading. I was looking for this type of blog for the last couple of days because I was little confused about this. I am thankful to you for sharing this article here.


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