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Monday, 26 November 2018

How to Get rid of Dull Skin Naturally ?

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Dull and tired skin not an advisable face for any person in present time. We all look for people with glowing and healthy skin and wishes to have the same.
As we have discussed in our previous posts about the dull skin causes. Now let us know how to get rid of dull skin naturally.

Natural Remedies For Dull Skin

1. Aloevera-A plant that looks like cactus and can grow in hot & dry climates. It contains gel like substance in inner leaf, out of which many products are manufactured being cosmetic, herbal or medicinal.  Containing anti-microbial, antioxidant, healing & anti-aging properties, can be used as beauty care product.It deals with acne,pimples, dry & dull skin; rejuvenate and moisturize skin layers making it look fresh.

Use- Use fresh aloe gel with lemon juice regularly for a month to get clean,clear,blemish-free skin. 
Aloe gel with turmeric, banana or rose water can also be used to form a face mask, prevents skin from tanning, dark spots, scars.

2.Banana- When not taken proper care our skin starts to loose its charm, glow,heath making it look dull, dry,wrinkled & tired. Banana is available on yearly basis, helps to increase your body immunity. It is full of vitamins & minerals essential for beautiful skin with no wrinkles, dullness and stress.

Use- Make a paste of banana with water. Apply this paste for 10-15 minutes and wash while scrubbing with cold water. This restores lost moisture & repairs dullness & damage.
Make paste  of ripe banana, cinnamon powder, rose water. apply this mixture on face for at least 10 minutes & wash off with cold water.This helps to fight acne,pimples & treat dull skin.

3.Honey- Due to regular life schedule our skin have start looking its health, it has become dry,unhealthy, lifeless,pre-mature aging. Honey an antioxidant, antibacterial, clarifying agent helps acne,skin damage; &moisturize, nourishes your skin.It can be used as beauty care routine for glowing skin.

Use- Mix honey & besan to make a smooth paste,apply on to your face & let it dry. Later wash while scrubbing with cold water and continue for a month to remove excess oil & prevent pores clogging.
Honey with tomato can also be used to remove tanning, dark spots and wrinkles.

4. Milk- Milk or malai plays an important role in beauty from ancient times.It contains vitamins that are beneficial to reduce fatigue,tiredness from your skin. Try using raw milk as boiled milk loses many of the essential nutrients. , to comfort your skin.

Use-Mix besan,milk & haldi to form soft paste, follow this mixture treatment for a week to get soft, smooth, glowing, clean skin.
Massage your face gently with milk cream and  few drops of rose water. This removes dust,pores clogging, excess oil from your skin. 

5. Water- Winters are here, so do dryness also. We think our body does not require large amount of water in this season,but that's not true. Our body loses moisture the most this time,so lack of water intake results in skin that is dry,flaky and more prone to wrinkles. As our body is 70% water proper water supply should always be provided to the body. As water depletion not only affects yor skin but also your health, as lack of water increases toxins in your body.

Use- Aim to drink 8-9 servings everyday.
Intake water more rather then other beverages (juice, shakes,cold drinks).

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