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Saturday, 24 November 2018

Reasons your Skin looks Dull & Tired

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We all wishes to have glowing & healthy skin,a skin that makes us looks younger. But our daily routine leaves the skin feel tired and dull. Expose to various dust particles causes irritation, skin damage, dullness to the skin. wide range of factors like dehydration, aging, poor lifestyle, pollution, UV damage make your skin looks tired. 


1. Dehydration
(Insufficient water supply to your body) dehydration can be caused by lack of water intake. As body is composed of 70% water , decrease in water flow to skin cells make you skin looks dull, pale and dry.
This can further results in decrease of blood flow affecting your organs and health as well.

2. Smoking-
Lungs are in main target because of smoking, but apart from it smoking constricts your blood flow to the skin, increases risk of skin infections, acne, wrinkles and can even cause skin cancer. 
As the blood flow gets affected, the oxygen that reaches your skin also reduces resulting in unhealthy, wrinkled, dry and dull skin.

3. Diet-
We usually run for food with taste & always leaves behind the harmful affects & least nutrition that are provided by such foods (junks, oily, processed food).  As skin is the largest organ ,it requires the best and appropriate amount of nourishment. 
With consumption of processed food, excess salt, fats and sugar collagen & elastin of skin breaks. This breakage results in wrinkled, dry and dull skin.

4. UV rays-
Sunlight is essential for your skin and proper body function, but overexpose can induce damage to your skin. As sunlight has UV rays that easily gets absorbed into the skin, large amount of absorption can have deeper affects to your skin.
The rays from the sun reacts with skin chemical 'melanin' responsible for tanning; as it absorbs these harmful rays, it indeed does a serious damage to the skin.

Not only your regular activities, indeed your environment also affects your skin cells. Pollution being air containing smoke,smog,dust particles or water with harmful chemicals all contribute towards  skin damage.
Skin is the largest organ of your body containing pores; dust, harmful chemicals, polluted air can cause pore blockage therefore proper skin care is required,preventing the skin from getting pale,dry and with wrinkles. 

Thank you everyone for views and share,hope this post helped you to know the causes of dull and tired skin. You may also like to check

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