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Tuesday, 4 December 2018

Acne & What causes Acne?

Acne- Skin the largest organ in human body contains numerous pores for it to breath and remove toxins from the body.If skin does not have these pores and be like a plain surface, this would cause numerous problems making your skin to suffer. Because of many factors; oil, dead skin, dirt, bacteria these pores gets clogged causing worst skin conditions such as Acne.However, the skin problem is not painful but in some cases it can get severe with permanent scarring. It appears mostly on your face, as blackheads , whiteheads, pimples, boils, pustules or in all other types. 

Causes of Acne- 

1. Diet:
Our parents always guide us about what to eat,what not to eat,what's healthy,which food is good for your skin. These advice are very important because what we eat do affects your skin as well your skin. Oily, fried, food with excess iodine are all responsible to trigger Acne. They can cause excess of oil secretion from your skin resulting in pores blockage that further contributes acne and pimples.

2. Traveling:
Travelling into various environments, atmosphere changes, moisture & humidity affects, they all contributes towards various skin problems. As our skin is not prone to such frequent changes, it  affects our skin making it dry, irritated and more sensitive towards acne.While travelling we do come across areas with extreme dust, dirt,pollutants that makes our skin dull and even worsens the skin condition. Thu, always clean your face while travelling to prevent pores blockage and Acne.

3. Medications:
Acne can be caused by variety of medications. Such as growth control pills, steroids,antidepressants,anti-tuberculosis drugs. They stimulates insulin & other growth factors  that have direct affect on hair follicles. Remember to always keep your skin clean and hydrated while taking medications; as medicines increases your body temperature, making skin to sweat more that affects your skin severely.

4. Cosmetics:
The makeup you apply affects your skin& even causes acne.Your hair care products, face products accumulates within the follicles ,this blocks pores. While buying check on packs, words like oil free, non-comodegeneic which means does not have components that causes pores clogging. Try to keep your face makeup free for few times in a week or always clean your face after work to let your skin breath freely.  

5. Pollution:
The air we breath, our skin has pores; thus the impurities, dust particles, pollutants,chemicals present in this air can easily get into your skin. They can clog your pores, giving you blackheads,irritated skin and acne. Therefore, it is always necessary to keep your skin,hairs & face clean. With it, also work upon cleaning your blood to remove extra toxins easily through your detoxification organs.

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