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Saturday, 29 December 2018

Chapped Lips & What causes Chapped Lips

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Cracked or chapped lips is a common condition affecting most of the people. It is very painful, causes redness and even bleeding. The important thing is to understand the causes for cracked, rough, chapped lips. 

Chapped Lips Causes:

 We notice that our lips look like a dry desert in cold, chill weather. The reason is cold & dry air pulls out the moisture including saliva from your lips leaving it dry and dull. Therefore, its important to keep them moisturized preventing them from cracking.

2. Allergies-
Allergies can also be the cause for chapped, dry lips. Chapped lips can be because of allergic reactions to the components present in lipsticks & toothpastes. Allergy to vitamin supplement containing cobalt and nickel can also lead to rough,painful, dry lips. Food allergy can also be the cause for your chapped lips.

3. Licking your Lips-
Many people have a habit of licking their own lips when they feel them to be dry. But, it stays for short time as saliva evaporates quickly making your lips look more dry then before. Thus it is very crucial to kick off this habit of licking your lips top prevent them from further dryness & cracks.

4. Breathing through your mouth-
Having trouble in breathing while your nose is blocked, we prefer to breathe through our mouth. While breathing through mouth the air passes very frequently crossing your lips, this easy flow of air blows away the moisture from your lips making them dry out.

5. Vitamin deficiency-
Skin of your lips is very sensitive, soft  causing it to crack and dry easily. Vitamin deficiency can be a reason in contributing them to crack. Vitamin B deficiency cause many skin problems skin disorders, cracked lips, flaking skin, cracked mouth corners; Vitamin A deficiency causes immunity disorders causing lips diseases & infections. Thus correct amount of vitamin is important for healthy body & beautiful lips.

6. Dehydration-
When your loses excess of fluid compared to fluid intake, body starts to lose its moisture causing dryness and dehydration. The dehydrated body signs can be seen through your lips. Dry, cracked, chapped lips are the sign your body's hydration level decreases. However, for healthy, soft, hydrated lips proper intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, enough water is must.  

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