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Sunday, 30 December 2018

Home Remedies for Chapped Lips

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Mostly people face cracked, chapped, dry, rough lips in winter season, this happens because of loss of moisture from your lips. Many products are available in market to heal your lips, but why not learn some home remedies for the chapped lips.

Cure Chapped Lips Naturally

1. Cocoa Butter-
Cracked, dry lips make you feel conscious, lose confidence and it is most common during winter season. If you are suffering from chapped or cracked lips; cocoa butter helps to retain the lost moisture.It contains essential fatty acids that nourishes & dehydrates your lips preventing them from cracking.  

2. Almond Oil-
Lips in winter are major deal of attention as they loses their moisture that causes them to dry & even bleed.The moisture & lubrication needs to be maintained preventing them from dryness. Almond oil is one of the natural remedy to treat chapped lips. It contains vitamins, minerals, proteins that maintains moisture of your lips keeping them healthy.

3. Aloevera-
Aloe-vera is used in many of the beauty & health products because of its anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and healing properties. Aloe contains water gel like substance in its leaves that are rich in vitamins, minerals,amino acids that help your cracked lips to heal. Apply the gel on chapped lips on regular basis  for soothing & more effective results.

4. Honey-
Chapped lips can be caused by many factors; weather, dehydration,vitamin deficiency & many more. Honey is the traditional used healing product for dry, cracked, chapped lips. It contains anti-bacteria's to prevent infections that causes lips to crack, vitamins preventing them from pain & bleeding, zinc to provide nourishment & remove dryness. Use it before going to bed, so that honey can work on your lips for the whole night.

5. Rose water-
Beautiful rose as loved & liked by everyone can however help you to get rid of your chapped, dry, painful lips. Rose confer pink color on your lips while nourishing & hydrating them.It contains vitamins that provides enrichment making your lips soft. This helps to remove the dead skin from your lips leaving them healthy & beautiful.

6. Coconut Oil-
In winters lips loses its moisture that makes them lose their beauty & health, leaving them dry, dull & lifeless. Coconut Oil an all over remedy for dry skin, is beneficial for your dry lips. It is a rich source of fatty acids, minerals with healing properties that keeps your lips moist, smooth & healthy. Use coconut oil as a regular lip balm whenever your lips feels dry. 

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