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Thursday, 20 December 2018

How to get rid of Joint Pain Naturally

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The connection between the bones that helps in our body movements is termed as joints. Damage or injury in these joints results in body movement obstruction accompanied with shooting pain.

Joint Pan Home Remedies-

1. Vitamin C:
Vitamin C is helpful in preventing joint pain(arthritis) to a limited intake; 90 mg/day for men & 75 mg/day for women according to the recent studies. Because excess of use worsen other kinds of arthritis (osteoarthritis). Vitamin C works s co-factor in collagen synthesis and is apowerful antioxidant that reduces the risk of inflammatory arthritis and to some extend of osteoarthritis.
Some sources of Vitamin C are citrus fruit (kiwi, strawberries),bell pepper, broccoli.

2. Mustard Oil:
Mustard Oil is extracted from mustard seeds that have many health benefits. It helps to recover muscle soreness, pain, good for muscles growth and also fights bacterial & fungal infections. From ancient times it has been used to provide comfort for various joint pain (knee, elbow, back).
Massage warm mustard oil gently on the affected area every night, helps to stimulate the blood flow; however reducing pain & inflammation. 

3. Turmeric:
A yellow colored spice mostly used in every food items has health benefits as well. Ancient studies have shown that turmeric has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties that is effective in reducing joint inflammation, pain/stiffness; helping you to regain your regular activities.

Preparing turmeric tea with turmeric powder and black pepper, boiled to 10-15 mins & added lemon, milk for the taste.

4.Hot/Cold Therapy: 
Many doctors respectively for joint pain/arthritis have recommended hot/cold therapy, best for soothing stiffness & pain of joints and muscles. Heat stimulates blood circulation, reduces muscle cramps. This decreases the frequency of pain, relaxing & loosening tissues of the particular area.
Cold therapy reduces blood flow, numb nerves that reduces the pain. This further set down inflammation & swelling which was responsible for the pain.
Heat- take warm shower or use heating pad to warm up.
Cold- Place ice bag on the painful area.

5. Exercise:
Many people believe that exercises worsen the joint pains, according to recent studies the less moments are made by your joints, more painful &weaken they become. On the other hand, exercise helps to reduce joint pain,increases muscle strength and get rid of joint stiffness. 
Reducing physical activities not only affects your joints but can also cause many other health problems.
Take a walk, run, move your arms,legs frequently everyday.
Try to follow aerobic exercise overall fitness plan.  

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