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Sunday, 2 December 2018

How to Remove Dark Circles at Home?

The thinnest skin on the face is near your eyes, this area is more prone to damage and any changes beneath the skin.Many reasons are responsible for these dark circles; stress, sleep depletion, lifestyle,heredity or even allergies. 
In markets or online, many products are available assuring to remove the dark circles. But before going and buying any of these expensive products; why not trying some simple home remedies right in your kitchen shelves to remove these dark circles.

Remedies to remove dark circles:

1. Potato- Most of the people face one or the other skin problems, one such common face problem is dark circles. Whenever we wash our face, with a fear of foam affecting our eyes; we do not clean them properly. Thus, our eyes need very protective care while washing. 
Potato with natural bleaching properties helps to lighten the dark circles making eyes look fresh and relaxed.
  • Extract juice of potato (grate & squeeze for the juice). Dip cotton pad into the juice and place it on your closed eyes. Leave it for around 10-15 minutes and wash.

2. Rose water (Gulab Jal)- Because of working for hours, stress, lack of sleep, many people face problem of dark circles under the eyes. So, its essential to know some tips to remove dark circles. Here, we have shared the use of rose water in removing them.
Rose water contains natural nourishing & many skin and eye care properties that helps you to get relief from stressed eyes, puffy eyes, irritation, eye bags and dark circles.It is very mild thus can be applied directly without the fear of any eye problem.
  • Soak cotton pads in rose water for 3-4 mins. and place them directly on your eyes after closing them. 
  • Rose water can be used with other components; almond oil, cucumber juice, lemon juice, by similarly dipping the cotton in the mixture and place on your eyes carefully because of the lemon juice. Squeeze excess liquid before placing.

3. Cucumber- Many studies and even the ancestors have mentioned the cooling effect of cucumber o nourish your skin& make it feel fresh. It also contains anti- inflammatory & hydrating properties useful in reducing dark circles under the eyes. 
Cucumber is rich of vitamin K that reduces discoloration causing dark circles making your skin looks better.
  • Grab slices of cucumber & refrigerate them, later put them on your eyes for 10-15 mins.
  • Use cucumber juice on cotton and place them on your eyes waiting for 10-20 mins.

4. Tea Bags- The worries of swelled, puffy dark eyes is very common for anyone around. It makes you look loose, tired and reduces our confidence. A simple home remedy that help your gain back your confidence.
Tea bags with numerous benefits is the remedy mentioned above. It contains caffeine, antioxidants, that helps to normalize blood vessels around the eyes & stimulate healthy blood circulation. 
  • Take 2 tea bags, deep them in hot water. remove them and squeeze extra liquid and once cooled place them on your eyes for 10-20 minutes.
  • Making paste of tea with honey,coconut oil, aloe vera, & applying on dark circles is also recommended.

5. Tomato- Many people complaints about having dark circles under the eyes, that makes them feel conscious, uncomfortable, reduce confidence. Many products are easily available in market; but however, lets discuss a remedy commonly  available in your home.
Tomato; it contains bleaching properties, helping in skin brightness. It is also a rich source of many vitamins, minerals that contribute to treat the problems of dark circles.
  • Make a thick paste of tomato & apply on the dark circles and later wash it.
  • It can also be used with cucumber, lemon juice, aloevera to form a paste and apply on the affected eye area.

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  1. Wonderful post, Which you have shared here about the Dark Circles. Your article is very informative and nicely describes the home Remedies of removing Black Circles Under Eyes. I am thankful to you for sharing this article here.


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