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Friday, 28 December 2018

Natural Ways to Get rid of Depression

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Feeling down, irritated, lack of interest, mood swings all are the symptoms of Depression. Many factors causes depression but the exact cause is not known. But depression can cause many other health problems; heart diseases, weight gain and many more, thus it is very essential to throw out  depression from your life and live healthy & peaceful life.

Freedom from Depression tips: 

1. Do something different- When you suffer from depression, you get irritated, lose interest in your life and  your life's routine.The negative thoughts continuously revolves in your brain making you feel terrible & worthless person.
Do something different; go on a trip, get a makeover, have dinner with you close ones,eat your favourite dish, do anything that takes away the unreasonable thoughts away from your mind.

2. Exercise- Depression takes way your energy, your life excitement, disturbs sleep, reduces appetite resulting in lack of interest in anything, everything. Getting back to your happy,happening, motivational life is very difficult yet important. 
Indulge with groups performing various activities;playing sports,walking,dancing,cycling.Join exercise centers, sports of your interest. Move your body and let go all negative thoughts blow out of it.

3. Meditate- A very effective, simple, inexpensive therapy against depression is to meditate. WHO has listed depression as leading cause of illness for your health & meditation the rapidly growing solution for it.

While meditation you set free you brain from all the thoughts, making it to think clear and open. Through it the mind also gets prepared to fight against any unwanted, unreasonable thoughts attacking it.

4. Reduce Stress- Thinking about your work, health, any day-to-day activities is a genuine brain phenomenon. But overthinking,allowing it control your thinking is not normal & needs to be considered. Continuously thinking disturb your brain's nervous system further affects your overall health.
Stress & overthinking provoke mind and body illness leading to many other complications including heart diseases, stroke and depression. Try diverting your mind to other things, see comic, funny videos,read books of your interest.

5. Sufficient sleep- Depression leads to insomnia; however to get rid of depression, good night sleep is very important. Depression and sleep are interlinked; depression leads to insomnia and sleep disorders causes depression increasing many other health complications. 
Having serious sleep disorder need to discussed with doctors to get the actual cause and cure for the issue. Either meditation accompanied with sleep can also be taken into action. Making your mind feel free,lets you have a sound and silent sleep (personal experience).

6. Try having fun- When depressed nothing in the world can make you happy, but don't let it be like this forever,act upon it. And action, treatment is only possible when you feel strong enough to change and fight back against it.

You need to make yourself happy, give yourself the importance it requires, enjoy every part of life, watch movies, share your feelings, get involved in conversations, don't isolate yourself, lighten your burden with your friends.

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  1. The methods that are recommended in this blog only helps the depression patient temporarily. I am fighting bipolar I depression since I was 23 years of age. Now I am 65 and in these 42 years have had dozens of relapses and tried out most of the things suggested here. Only right medicines work and that too to suppress the symptoms and not to cure or heal. Depression is like other illnesses like Diabetes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol etc where there is no cure and has to be managed medically and changing lifestyles.


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