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Saturday, 22 December 2018

What is Depression | What Causes Depression

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Depression is a term that is very complex to explain. The exact cause of it is not clear, as can be caused by variety of reasons. It can affect almost any of the age group, researchers estimate that 12 to 16 %of population do experience depression in their lifetime. 
As depression can be caused by many factors, lets discuss some common factors responsible for it;


1. Some Prescribed Medications-

Many people are not aware of is that some prescribed medications can also cause depression symptoms as side effects. 
Drugs prescribed for Parkinson's diseases affect the brain, it gets converted to dopamine whose high level exposure may cause depression. Similarly, beta blockers prescribed for high blood pressure & others such as migraine, can also result for depression.

2. Drugs/ Alcohols-

Some people say they prefer drinking because it helps them to drown their sorrows, this is common for men in particular. Having them once in a while like blue moon is normal;but when you require them in every problem, it become addictive. 
It harms your brain leading to depression, while you drink the neurotransmitters are released excessively in brain, because of this unnatural levels of neurotransmitters activities it may lead you to state of depression.

3. Genetics-

The actual cause of depression is unknown. While genetics can also be one of the factors responsible for the depression. Researchers have shown that individuals with any family background of parents or siblings with depression are more likely to have depression, but the expectations of genetic depression have only small effects on overall disease. 
Some depression symptoms includes; mood swings, loss of appetite, irritability and feeling out of control. 

4. Grief & loss-

When we loss someone very dear to us,a feeling of pain, sadness and grief prompts within us. Grief takes over every part of your life: health, behaviour, thoughts, emotions & makes you feel hopeless, sad, anxious, irritable,shocked & numb. 
It is very important to help someone suffering from grief & loss because if prolonged for long time can cause serious impact on the person's life. This leads your path towards depression making it more worse with time.

5. Chronic Illness-

Chronic illness usually stays for long time and cannot be completely & easily cured (heart diseases, diabetes, HIV/AIDS). People suffering form chronic diseases sometimes feel down because of their health problems. 
It becomes difficult to enjoy and follow a normal life schedule making them to feel sad & stressful. Because of clinical depression the situation of illness aggravates likely to provoke depression. 

6. Personal Problems-

People do feel down,irritable,sad even because of their personal problems, family issues, social groups, mental illness such factors leads to depression. Your household, job, environment can play a crucial role in affecting your mental health. Situations like; relationship stress, work stress, income, unemployment,social violation,being alone, family violence all increases your risk to fall into depression. 

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