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Friday, 4 January 2019

5 Factors that causes Dry Skin

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Dry skin is very common in winters and cold climates. Dryness happens because the skin loses its moisture making your skin uncomfortable. It causes itching, scratching & to some extent rashes on your skin.

5 Reasons for Dry Skin:


The first change in the weather can be noticed in your skin. In winter's because of dry air,less humid weather,less moisture in air people experiences cracked,itchy, dry & red skin. The air blows away the moisture from your skin, making it rough, dry and cracked. Apply moisturizer properly on your skin to keep it hydrated for long time.

The water level in your body drops that causes dehydration,making your skin look pale, dull, dry & rough redness. Your body requires sufficient amount of water to keep healthy with proper functioning. But when water loss is more compared to water intake; our body starts to lose is its humidity. This further causes skin itching, scratching, dullness & dryness.

3.Hot showers-
In winters because of cold, we all prefer to have hot, steamy shower. But are you aware that this routine is causing damage to your skin. Hot water is hard on your skin that wash away the natural oils which are actually protective for your skin. It is preferred to use lukewarm water bath for 15-20 minutes in winters, to keep your skin from drying and just pat dry your skin to remove excess of water.

4. Soaps-
Soaps also cause dryness in your skin, as they tends to strip off the natural essential oils from your skin. The water molecules also gets washed while rinsing off the soap. Mostly people have habit of washing their hands frequently because of dirt, excessive cleaning can dry out your skin.The chemicals present in soaps leaves skin dull, showing negative effect. Always look for the soaps that have moisturizing effects on your skin.

5. Dry air-
The air flow in winters directly blow away the humidity from your skin. The cold, dry air contains less moisture and humidity thus, simultaneously dry out your skin. To prevent cold air from drying your skin always apply lotion that retains for longer time and keep your skin hydrated (no cracking, rough or bleed).

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