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Wednesday, 9 January 2019

Head Cold Home Remedies

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Your head and nose is irritating you this winters, you are not able to enjoy the the winters and leave your bed just because you are not feeling well. Many home remedies are available that can help you to get rid of head cold. 
But in case you feel the cold symptoms are not getting cured within a week, consult your doctor and get a proper checkup.

Home Remedies

1. Ginger- Ginger an inexpensive & easily available remedy for cold has been in use since ancient times. As cold is caused because of virus, ginger is an antiviral product that helps you to get rid of viral infection.
  • Ginger tea is the best remedy for cold & sore throat.
  • Ginger & honey helps to bring down fever, cough pain, running nose & congestion.

2. Turmeric milk- Turmeric a spice commonly used in Indian recipes has also been known as an Ayurvedic medicine from the ancient times. However, turmeric with its medicinal properties added in  milk has many health benefits. It has antiviral & antibacterial properties that helps it to fight against cold infection, thus providing relief from head cold or common cold.
  •  Take boiled milk & add turmeric powder. Mix them well & add cinnamon, honey for the taste.This remedy helps to boost your immunity.

3. Drink fluids- Common cold can get cured within 7-10 days & some natural remedies can help you feel better faster. One such advise for treating your cold is by drinking plenty of fluids. Stay hydrated & consume fluids that relieves congestion & recover you from cold. 
  • Drink soups,warm water with honey, juices & avoid intake of coffee, sodas that makes your body more dehydrated.

4. Proper rest- When suffering from common cold, blocked nose it becomes really difficult to sleep & breath. But at this point of time your body needs proper rest as it can help your immune system to fight against the infections of cold.
  • Try sticking to a proper sleep schedule & have proper, plenty of body rest. 

5. Vitamin C- Suffering from common cold in winters is very usual.We have been guided to intake vitamin C supplements to treat our cold, but vitamin C role to cure cold is very controversial. Vitamin C dose does not appear to prevent cold but research have shown that to some extent large dose can produce greater benefits than lower doses.
  • Regular intake of vitamin C reduces cold symptoms &helps to shorten the duration of cold.

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