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Wednesday, 23 January 2019

How to stay warm in the winters

Winters are here and everyone wants to stay warm, cozy while enjoying the holidays and festivals that comes along. Following some simple tips will help you to stay warm and safe during winters.
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1. Warp up: Keep yourself warm, wear clothes made from wool & cotton as they are the warmest. Piling up the clothes layer prevent the loss of heat from your body. Wearing around 1-2 shirts under the coat, hats, gloves, scarfs & warm socks.

2. Use hot bottles: Place a hot water bottle in your bed before sleeping to keep your bed and feet warm & enjoy cozy, comfy, warm sleep. It can be used even in case of joint pain, back pain, menstrual cramps. Using it is very easy & it helps you to keep your bed warm for whole night.

3. Have food that warm you up: In winters it is very important to stay warm. The food that you eat also helps you to stay warm as digested. Consume food that are rich in calories & energy that helps to keep your body warm because the metabolism of body slows down in low temperature. 
Honey, hot chocolate, soups, ginger tea boosts your energy keeping the body warm & cozy.

4. Lock it up: Air can blow in from your doors or windows making your room temperature drop. Not only close the outlets but lock them up to limit the air movement. This will ensure that the cold air entrance is blocked keeping your home warm.

5. Keep your feet warm: We have always been guided to cover our feet to stay warm. We travel, walk, thus the body loses the heat through the feet. The uncovered feet makes them cold that can even be painful. Always cover your feet with the warm socks, its better to wear double layer of socks for more body warmth.

6. Keep moving: Moving out or exercising is the last thing we want to do in winters. Its true if we spend more time outside, the heat loss from your body increases. But work out & exercise increases the blood flow to the skin that makes your skin warm. This is the reason you become red while exercising.

7. Alcohol decreases temperature: We hear that alcohol consumption makes you feel warm but it  actually expands the  blood vessels that is dangerous in winters. It also makes you sweat more, that draws away the heat from your body and drops the body temperature.

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