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Monday, 21 January 2019

Turmeric amazing health benefits: Haldi in this Winters

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Turmeric is one of the spice most frequently used in Indian dishes. We mostly use the powder form but using its root form (kachchi haldi) reduces the seasonal health issues. Turmeric is filled with antioxidants, anti-cancerous, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-viral & anti-inflammatory properties that makes you strong enough to fight against various winter health problems.
It has been in use from ancient times in Ayurveda practice & is possibly the most effective medicinal spic. Medicines cure you, but that doesn't mean the root cause of disease is cured and it won't affect you again. We have heard in our homes to drink haldi doodh when feeling sick, as it mostly attack on the root cause of infection preventing you from from sickness.

Turmeric health benefits:  

1. Boosts your immunity- Turmeric helps to boost your immunity with the help of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial. anti-viral properties present in it. Because of viral or bacterial infections  we mostly do feel sick in winters, turmeric stimulates your immune system reduces the chances of seasonal illness and prevents you from cold & flu.
Drink glass of warm turmeric milk daily and see the positive results soon.

2. Detoxifies the body- Scientists believe the effectiveness of turmeric is because of presence of curcumin that can do wonders on your health. Liver is the most important organ that detoxify itself thus it is essential to maintain its properties for the long term. Curcumin has the benefit to detoxify your liver by enhancing its unique property.

Make a turmeric soup with onion, vinegar or lemon, oil and other spices and ingredients for the taste (cardamon, pepper, veggies, beans)

3. Helpful for your brain- Turmeric contains long history of medicinal use for treating wide variety of health issues. Scientists now believe that curcumin can help you to overcome various common brain disorders. As Indians consume turmeric (30-50 mg) on their daily diet, dementia & Alzheimer's disease rate is lowest here compared to other parts of the world with lowest turmeric consumption. It helps to lift your mood, reduces anxiety, maintains mental health.
Drink turmeric tea or milk with cloves, cinnamon, honey for the flavors.

4. Relieves joint pain- Curcumin relieves pain, inflammation & stiffness. It has beneficial properties for the joint pain & can also be used as a supplement for rheumatoid arthritis because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Joint pain, back pain, legs pain occurs because bones rub with each other causing inflammation, curcumin responses against the inflammation by bringing down the cause of pain. 
Consume curcumin as a tea and add turmeric in your food recipes

5. Prevent heart diseases- A study suggested the use of curcumin for heart diseases, stock, heart attack. It also prevents clogging, formation of plague and minimizes blood platelets from forming clots. Cucumin contains antiseptic, anti-inflammatory characteristics that boosts your heart health. It also helps to reduce free radicals damage & maintains cholesterol level. 
Add turmeric (kachchi haldi) in your daily diet.
Drink warm turmeric tea or milk daily.  


Thank you everyone for visiting my blog, hope it is helping you with your health & beauty issues with natural remedies.

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