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Wednesday, 2 January 2019

What Causes Black Spots on Face

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Black spots or hyper-pigmentation is used to describe darkened scars,spots or patches on your skin that makes your skin looks uneven. It can affect one with any age & skin color. 


Sunshine is a natural source of vitamin D which helps to overcome various health consequences, but there are always warning about excess exposure to sun that can cause damage to your skin. Black spots on your skin can develop because of sun exposure. The most commonly affected area is the face, neck and hands.

2. Hormones-
Changes in hormones during pregnancy or with hormonal drugs contribute towards dark spots on your skin. Hormonal changes boosts melanin production causes hyper-pigmentation in form of melasma, that results in grey, brown colored patches on your face.

3. Acne-
Skin inflammation such as acne can also cause dark spots on your skin. People suffering from acne do complain about the dark skin patches left after they gets healed. It happens because your skin produces exorbitant amount of melanin against skin infection. 

Itchy,irritation in skin due to any of the reason (wound heal, insect bite, dryness) compels to scratch the affected area. This causes change in skin color to red or pink making the skin thickened & irritated. The inflammation caused in skin results in melanin production making dark/black spots appear on the face skin area. 

5. Excess use of chemical products-
The chemicals & metals present in some of the cosmetics affects melanin by reducing its production.As melanin protects skin damage, depletion in its production can have various side effects on your skin:

  • Excess dark/light skin
  • Thinning of the skin
  • Itching, skin scratching

These are some of the side effects that causes your skin to be darkened, developing dark skin patches, black spots on your face.


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