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Wednesday, 13 March 2019

5 Daily Habits that can affect your Health

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We do many things on a day to day basis that can secretly ruin your health. Besides doing physical activities every day & quitting junk food, there are many other habits that affect your life. Some of these habits cannot be recognized as they become your normal routine. Experts say that these habits cause health issues but by adopting some good habits & leaving behind bad habits we can overcome our health problems & live healthier. 

Just pay attention to some of your bad habits

Skipping your meals

When we are busy at work or got up late or not feeling very hungry, we do skip our meals. It is OK, only when it is not your everyday routine. Side effects of skipping your breakfast can have serious consequences on your weight, body metabolism, energy levels & even in your blood sugar level. Skipping meals can make you eat more in the next meal results in overeating, weight gain affects hormonal health & even your mood.

Eating even when not hungry 

We do reach for snacks most of the time while watching a movie, friends party, nightwork, emotional eating even when we are not actually hungry. This makes us overeat, consume extra calories, intake extra pounds that causes heat diseases, makes overweight, leads to diabetes & many other serious health conditions. Pay attention to your hunger signals, eat only when hungry, control excess cravings, consume healthy snacks. This way your body will stay healthy.

Overuse of painkillers

We prefer taking painkillers rather than going to doctors for various pains. This on long term becomes your habit & with time increases the risk of many health problems and side-effects; high blood pressure, ulcers, heart attack, muscles pain, joint pain, head pain, fatigue & allergies. Instead of going for the medications, try out some of the natural remedies with fewer side effects to your health.

Poor posture

Having a perfect body is admired by everyone, but a perfect shape, weight, height body will also look slouchy when the posture is bad. Poor posture can lead to many serious problems; neck problem, a disk problem, shoulder pain  & spine pain. Always check yourself, your posture, when you sit, walk and even standing. Poor posture affects your spine that reduces back flexibility & increases the risk of muscle imbalance.

Sitting for a long time

If you have a 9-5 job, you need to sit for a long time, but that does not mean you cannot get up, walk around your desk or walk around your floor. Sitting for long hours can shorten your life & can increase the risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases & even affects your mental health. Try moving around for a few minutes, at least for half an hour to keep your body & mind stable & in good shape.

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