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Friday, 15 March 2019

5 Healthy habits for Healthy Teeth

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When it comes to healthy mouth we do keep in mind the teeth health, avoiding it from tooth decay or cavities. We chew our food with our teeth which means they need constant care & maintenance. Skip brushing can cause plaque formation that produces acid after feeding on sugar & starch, putting your oral health at risk.

There are certain healthy habits that will benefit your oral health when incorporated into your lifestyle.

Floss daily

We all brush daily but do we all floss daily, with brushing you are successful to remove the seen plaque but what about the hidden plaque where the toothbrush can't reach. If you are brushing & not flossing you are not cleaning your teeth properly & doing half the job. Flossing prevents cavities from forming between the teeth. Therefore it is usually enough of you to floss once a day.

Brush twice a day

While brushing don't be in a rush to finish up soon, this will not help you to clear the plaque properly. Make sure you brush for at least 2 minutes with fluoride toothpaste, this is enough time to clean all your teeth sides. Everyone do morning brush but how many of us brush before bed, if not start it because we eat many things in our day that can lead to plaque formation to get rid of it before it sticks to your tooth enamel and starts cavities remove it.

Use mouthwash once a day

As for flossing, many of us skip using mouthwash because we actually don't know how it works. Mouthwash mostly freshens your breath, but it is said that fluoride mouthwashes protect your teeth against plaque bacteria if you use it after brushing & flossing. Mouthwash washes out the residual plaque, clean hard to brush areas, strengthen your teeth enamel & protects teeth from acid damage.

Limit sugary foods & drink

When you intake sweets, they can become responsible for cavities production as advised by the American Dental Association. Plaque feeds on the sugar that converts it into acid, which then erodes your tooth enamel & leads to oral health problems. This does not mean that you avoid such foods, but make sure to brush & floss afterward.

Have a visit to the Dentist

It is recommended to have a teeth cleaning & oral examination at least twice a year. Dentists not only removes cavities but can also guide you for the teeth health issues with there treatment solutions. With the visit, your tartar (hardened plaque) can also be removed easily that will protect the risk of tooth decay & gum disease. So don't take this task lightly choose a skilled dentist, who will keep your teeth healthy, young and pain-free.

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