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Thursday, 14 March 2019

5 Healthy habits that boosts your Brain health

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We do physical activities that keep our body fit & healthy but have you ever put concern for your brain. Brain manages every function of your body & so needs to more care. Your brain works even when you are sleeping however, it needs all nutritional support, health support, relaxation for working so hard.

Today we will discuss 5 healthy habits to boost your brain health


After so much hard work, your brain does needs15-20 minutes of internal peace. Meditation improves your mood, memory, manages stress, depression & prevents Alzheimer's disease. It is the best &oldest form of relaxation that nearly benefits every part of your brain. So spend some time every day for your brain peace.

Involve your time with pets

Spending time with your pets contribute to brain health. This does not mean you own a pet or a dog, volunteer yourself for dog sitting or walking for someone's else pet. According to many studies having a dog or being a volunteer for a dog shelter, reduces the risk of many chronic health problems, improves mental health, decline feeling of anxiety, sadness & depression.

Sleep & relax

A good night sleep has many benefits; betters mood, sharpens your brain, fight depression, manages stress & help you stay positive. Sleep deprivation, on the other hand, has many problems, affects your health & can also have serious, negative consequences. When sleeping your brain reactivates memory & retain them for a longer time. The brain is a very important organ of your body, works really hard and provides energy to your body while maintaining the concentration to carry on your daily work.

Solving puzzles

Solving puzzles activates your brain cells, improves mental speed & your thought process. Puzzles such as Sudoku, crosswords maintain your stress level & improves your mental health. When you are involved in solving puzzles your physical skills, mental skills & cognitive skills also gets improve and raises emotional development.


You go to the gym to make muscles, do stretches to increase flexibility similarly brain fitness is also important & for this, we need to do brain exercises. Aerobic exercises do benefit your brain, encourage the development of new brain cells & build up your endurance. Also, do simple balancing exercises that will boost your brain volume & will improve your concentration for the work.

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