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Thursday, 14 March 2019

5 Healthy habits that should be adopted in your life

What is a habit? A habit is something that a person does on regular days. Building healthy habits will help you to stay fit, have a healthy body and boosts your mental & physical health.

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Eat more fruits & vegetables

We have always been told by our parents to have more fruits & vegetables but most of the time we ignore what they are saying. But they taught us the best way to get all the nutrients our body requires. Adding more leafy veggies, citrus fruits, fresh fruits, salads, soups in your diet will lower the risk of heart diseases. They are packed with all the nutrients & are low in calories. 

Get seven to eight hours a good night sleep

Many of us have a habit of staying up too late for social media scrolling, watching TV series or others. But is very important that you keep your sleep on priority. Sleeping helps your body cells to heal & regulate, gives you more energy, prevents weight gain & maks you healthier.

Spend time with your friends

Spending time with your loved ones, your friends reap many health benefits. It avoids your stress & depression as you share everything as you interact with them. Being with friends makes you believe that someone is there to watch your back. Staying with them, spending time, playing, exercising with them keep you more motivated & makes everything so much better.

Get moving

It is always advised to keep your body moving it can be by walking to office or grocery store, taking stairs to home or office, playing outside or even dancing for fun - it is good for you. Sitting too much or being physical inactive makes your body consume more fats, calories, sugars, causes joint pain, muscle pain, stressed & many other several health problems. Having any kind of physical activity in your life improves your health, your mood, bones, muscle mass & even your immunity.

Drink water

The human body is mostly made of water, thus it needs to be always hydrated. Drinking more water maintains your body temperature, avoid a headache, fatigue, keep away kidney stones & cleanse your digestive system to stay fresh all day. You can add flavors to your water, lemon juice water is one of the best habits to adopt.

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