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Sunday, 10 March 2019

Best 5 ways to relieve stress naturally

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In today's working environment, we are so much occupied with our work that we do not give time for our brain or mind to relax and get free from our continuous thought process. Continuously thinking and getting tensed can make your body, brain, and health suffer. These all can lead to heart diseases, depression, anxiety, stress, high blood pressure, and many more problems. Staying in this stressful, tough economy makes people suffer negative stress. We need to reduce our stress level before it gets worse(chronic stress).

Here is a list of 5 effective, natural stress relieving tips:

1. Meditation: Take 15-20 minutes and meditate. Researchers have suggested that daily meditation lets your thought flow free and reduce your stress level. Just focus on your breathing, give your mind silent time & meditate, to ease your mind and release stress.

2. Sleep: When working in a stressful environment, we do forget to have a night of sufficient sleep. Deficiency in sleep causes sleep deprivation which affects your concentration, your health, your mood and makes you depressed. Thus, you should always have around 8 hours of sleep per day that will help your mind & body to function properly.

3. Laugh: In this present society stress has taken control over the minds of the majority of the population. For this stress management is necessary and we can achieve it with just a simple, inexpensive activity i.e. laughing. It lowers cortisol a stress hormone & boosts up your brain. Long term laughter improves your immune system & your mood. Try watching funny TV shows, chat with friends who help you to smile, play with kids or join a comedy club. 

4. Music: For a peaceful mind & to maintain concentration music is considered as a powerful healer & helps to reduce stress. Listen to the music you like the most & that helps you to feel joyful &relaxed. Natural sounds are also very calming & soothing.

5. Exercise / Yoga: It is not necessary to do long, working crunches, be a runner or an athlete. Just include a few hours walking, moving your body, doing simple, easy yoga poses in your busy working schedule. These all help you to ease your depression, anxiety & stress. Exercise releases endorphins to your brain to improve your mood & remove negative thoughts.  

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