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Monday, 11 March 2019

Health issues related to old age

Getting aged can bring along many beauty & health issues; joint pains, wrinkles, forgetting small things, difficulty in walking, heart diseases, high blood pressure & many more. To overcome these senior health risk you need to have a healthy diet & continue with your physical activities.

Listed are the 5 most common health conditions as we age:

 Cardiovascular diseases 

Heart diseases are the most common health issues while people get aged. As we grow older the health risk factors; high blood pressure, high cholesterol increases the chances of heat strokes, heart failure, heart diseases or heart attack. Blockage or narrowing of arteries makes it difficult to pump blood to the heart that leads to heart attack or heart failure. Exercising, healthy diet, maintaining a healthy daily routine helps to maintain weight & overcome these heart diseases.

 Alzheimer's disease/dementia 

Memory loss or loss of brain functioning is another condition that affects a large number of a population over the age of 65 or older. With age the cells get weak & start to lose its function, that results in body and brain getting slow causing mood changes, confusion, difficulty in communicating, or memory loss.


Difficulty in walking, standing, sitting is most common for old age people. Arthritis is a joint disorder that affects your joints making them stiff and even painful, it is most general in women. With age, the bones start to shrink, while the muscles lose their strength & flexibility and are hence more prone to get their bones fractured. Complete guidance & treatment with your doctor is mandatory.

As the age grows, the bones get weak, fragile & brittle that can easily break and this happens because they lose their minerals, calcium. According to the National Institutes of Health (U.S.); half of the women & quarter men do get fractured bones because of osteoporosis. This is a very serious problem as it results in loss of mobility, reduces the quality of life, makes you more dependent & can even cause death with the injury.

    High blood pressure

Having high blood pressure in old age is a health hazard as it damages arteries in heart, kidney and causes heart failure, kidney failure, heart attack & many other serious health problems. There are various causes for high BP in old age; obesity, hormone profile changes, change in heart functioning, diabetes, chronic kidney diseases, or blockage of the circulatory system.

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