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Friday, 15 March 2019

Healthy eating for Younger looking Skin

The type of food we eat shows up on your face. So if you need healthy, younger skin adds the food that delivers proper nutrients to your body. Food that helps you to stay hydrated, limit skin damage, protect your cells from UV rays & reveal healthier, smooth & supple looking skin.

Incorporate this 5 food in your diet for younger looking skin.


Watermelon is a juicy summer fruit and a great source to keep your skin hydrated. Skin hydration prevents it from getting wrinkled, fine lines and lets it stay smooth & younger. Watermelon is an advisable fruit for your healthy, hydrated, smooth & supple skin. It is also low in sugar that will prevent your skin collagen, protects aging and skin cancer.


It is one of the healthiest fruit and an excellent source of vitamin C. Pomegranates contains antioxidants that keep your skin wrinkle-free, promotes healthy tones, regulate skin's blood flow, protects skin from sun damage and also fight free radicals.


Green leafy vegetables are a high source of vitamins that repair your DNA & reduces the risk of skin cancer. Kale is rich in vitamin K and iron that promotes healthy skin cells, keep skin cells hydrated & firm. Researches showed that it helps to diminish scars, stretch marks, spider veins & dark circles under the eyes.


Eggs are a good source of lutein that keeps your skin hydrated & promotes natural oils that keep your skin smooth and clear. It also contains amino acids as they are the protein-rich foods. Amino acids are the building blocks of collagen that improves skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles, increases skin moisture & help skin look decades younger.

5.Dark chocolate

Research suggests that dark chocolate is great for skin firming. It contains flavanol an antioxidant that provides sun protection, reduces skin roughness for making it look healthier, improves skin hydration, thickness & smoothness. Get chocolate with at least 70% cocoa for high flavanol content and to have better blood flow to the skin with a healthful glow.

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