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Tuesday, 5 March 2019

How spending time in sunlight improve your health

We all have heard that excess sunlight can be very harmful for your skin. We are afraid that sun exposure can cause premature aging, skin tan, dark skin or skin cancer. But we are not aware that sun exposure has many health benefits and the most important it provides vitamin d that help muscles, improves brain function and useful for your overall health.
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1.Sunlight for mental health- It is reported that decrease in sun exposure can drop your serotonin level. Sunlight helps to increase the serotonin level that avoids depression, mood change & enhance the brain function. Studies have shown that serotonin level was lowest in winters as compared to the summer seasons.Thus, for proper brain health, exposure to sunlight is must.

2.Lowers blood pressure- Increase in blood pressure is dangerous for your overall health. Studies have found that sunlight helps to release a compound called nitric oxide, that helps to lower your blood pressure. Low in blood pressure prevents you from many health problems such as; heart attacks, kidney problems, strokes,heart failure, strokes and many others. Nitric oxide reacts with sunlight that causes blood vessels to expand and allow easy flow of oxide through the blood streams.

3.Boosts immunity- People do complain of having weak immunity, simple & easy tip to enhance your immunity by sitting in sunlight. With presence of sufficient sunlight, white blood cells increases the defence action of your body and helps to fight against diseases.Thus, always do expose your body to sunlight not in excess, but at a moderate rate.  

4.Role in bone health- Sunlight an easy source of vitamin d that stimulates absorption of calcium & magnesium. Vitamin D deficiency can cause various bone problems; osteoporosis, rickets, rheumatoid arthritis & many other serious consequences. Spending some time in sun provides healthy amount of vitamin d that is very essential to keep your bones healthy and strong.

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