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Sunday, 10 March 2019

How to detox your body naturally

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Detox your body means 'the process by which your body gets rid of unwanted toxins which are acquired because of pollution, consumption of junk, processed foods, pharmaceuticals, sometimes food and even the environmental pollutants. However, the body eliminates the toxins through kidney, skin, lungs, intestines but when the toxic factors do increase in their adverse effects a helping hand to eliminate these excess toxins is required.  

In order to help your body & liver with the detoxification process. Discussed are the 4 best ways that will naturally flush out the toxins if incorporated into your daily routine.

 Drink water (with lemon) right after you wake up

Water helps to remove wastes out of your body more efficiently than any other remedy, as the body is around 60-65% water it becomes easier to flush out the toxins using water itself. Water helps to remove impurities and maintain your body weight, get rid of skin problems, health issues & boosts your body metabolism.

  After getting up have a glass of warm water with added lemon juice. It refreshes & energizes your body cells so that they can function happily.

Stretch out your body 

While stretching your body parts, the blood flows through the muscle increases. Stretching makes you flexible, along with it makes your body more efficient to fight against the diseases, lowers body inflammation, releases stress & depression. When your body stretches or exercises it produce sweat, that made your skin eliminates the toxins making your body feel healthy and energized.

  Perform stretching exercises at your home or gym in early morning time or during the evening to get the most effective results.

Try fasting

Every day our body intake varieties of food items and most of the time it works on digesting the food, which means it gets very less time to detox your body. Fasting is one best option to consider at this time. While fasting try to consume only the liquid diet and no solid food, that gives the body all the nutrients and the time to remove all the unwanted wastes and toxins out of your body.

Do fasting once or twice a week & consume only the liquid-rich fruits, coconut water, healthy juices that provide your body the energy to function and simultaneously flush out the impurities.

Get prebiotics in your diet

They are the best known dietary fibers with numerous health benefits such as improves the immune system, gut health & helps detox body. They are fermented in the gut & helps to enhance gut health, removing unwanted wastes. Prebiotics are considered as functional foods that provide a various health benefit, prevent diseases and help your body to get rid of toxins.

 Prebiotics has many benefits on your body & health, thus include the prebiotic rich sources in your regular diet. ( onion, garlic, apples, banana, konjac root, flaxseed, radishes)  

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