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Saturday, 2 March 2019

How to get younger looking skin naturally

We all wants to have younger looking, healthy skin. But as the skin gets older collagen & elastin in skin slows down. Many beauty products, cosmetics are available that helps you to hide these aging signs. But in this post we will cover some natural tips that will help you to get flawless, younger looking skin.
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1. Take rest-
Lack of sleep or poor quality sleep has negative effect on your skin, the way you look. Insufficient sleep makes you stressed & tired,that shows up on your face making it look dull & weak. When you sleep, your cells get time to repair and reproduce themselves. The repaired skin cells make your skin look fresh, hydrated & young. 

2. Exercise-
Scientists have mentioned that every cell in human body gets the benefits from physical activity, maybe your skin looks brighter, you become more confident, you feel more energetic & positive. This is how exercise helps you to improve your heath and your cells get sufficient energy to continue its functioning. 
Exercise helps you to improve your blood flow to the body, deliver nutrients to your skin's surface and repair the damage. This further improves your collagen production, preventing wrinkles.

3. Healthy diet-
Your skin gets affected with your diet, what you eat. Not only your skin, but your health is also affected. Too much of sugary snacks can cause diabetes & even damages the collagen in your skin. We need to be very careful with what we eat and how much we eat.
Having meals that are rich in fatty acids, Vitamin C & E, essential antioxidants helps your skin to stay hydrated, prevents any damage and promotes collagen production for a healthy, youthful skin.

4. Drink water-
The most important & simple tip for youthful, younger skin is to drink 8-10 glasses of water per day. Water helps in proper digestion, proper functioning of organs & flushes out the toxins from your body. 
The body when loses moisture makes your skin dry and dehydrated. Water is a best, easily available moisturizer that prevents the skin damage making your skin glow & look younger.

5. Vitamin C-
Rather then going to market and buying expensive cosmetics, go and buy vitamin C rich fruits & vegetables. Studies have shown that people who ate vitamin c rich diet have fewer wrinkles & less age related skin problems. Vitamin C strengthens your skin, provides elasticity and builds collagen. Start having vitamin c in your meal & see the changes in two to four weeks.

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