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Friday, 8 March 2019

How to improve digestion naturally

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Your digestion system is a path towards your health. If your digestive system feels off, so as your health; it will also feel down. If you feel digestive issues frequently, it can cause disruptions in your life. Thus, to stay healthy &fit do keep your digestive system healthy. Once you focus on improving your digestion, the chronic health issues can also be reversed.

Here are main 5 tips to improve digestion naturally and get your digestive system work smoothly:

Manage your stress- As we know our digestive system affects our health similarly; suffering from stress & anxiety affects your digestion. There are many ways to reduce stress, meditation, listen to soothing music, yoga. Incorporate the stress management techniques & improve your digestion.

Drink plenty of water- One cause of digestive disorder can be because of dehydration that causes constipation, affecting your body metabolism. Drinking water is must to digest your food & absorb the nutrients properly. Upon waking always drink a glass of water to stimulate your body metabolism & let your digestive system flush out the excess toxins. 
Drink enough water everyday to keep you hydrated & remove excess acids from your body.

Chew food properly- Chew your food properly to get all the required nutrients that are essential for your digestion. When food is chewed well, the enzymes present in the digestive tract manage to break down the food properly. While chewing food in mouth, saliva mixes with the solid food ensuring proper digestion & preventing indigestion, heartburn & constipation.

Get sufficient fibers in diet- We have heard nutritionist ask us to include proper fiber diet for your good health. But why? These fibers absorb water & add bulk to your stool to keep food moving through your digestive tract & prevent various digestive conditions such as IBS(Irritable Bowel Syndrome), decreases constipation, stomach ulcers. Prebiotics are the type of fiber that keeps your gut bacteria healthy & improves digestion. 

Exercise / yoga regularly- Digestive system helps to break down your food, provides essential nutrients & eliminates excess toxins from your body. For complete & proper digestion it is most important to keep your gut healthy. Thus, physical activity, body movements, yoga poses increase the blood flow to your digestive system & balances gut bacteria's health. After having your meal do take a walk(an hour) to improve your metabolism.

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