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Tuesday, 5 March 2019

How to relieve tooth pain at home

Everyday we hear people saying that they have toothache, which have caused discomfort; not been able to eat,sleep or work. The pain is very sharp and and can drive you crazy if not been able to visit dentist at the earliest. Tooth pain can be because of tooth decay, cavities, infection and can occur anywhere, anytime to any age group without any prior warning. The best way to tackle toothache is by following effective remedy. Here are some of the trusted, advised home remedies that can relief your toothache. If still your pain persist, visit a dentist for complete guidance.
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1.Saltwater- When having toothache, everyone's family members do recommend to rinse it with warm saltwater. This natural, easy home remedy acts as a disinfectant, natural antiseptic that helps to kill bacteria and reduce swelling that have caused discomfort. This remedy prevents further infection and reduces pain & inflammation.
  •  Take glass of warm water & add 1 teaspoon of salt. Use this water to rinse your mouth and repeat it after every meal & before bedtime.

2.Cloves- Cloves have been used as toothache remedy from ancient times as it acts as a natural anesthetic.Cloves or clove oil can effectively numb pain & reduces inflammation. It contains a chemical compound called eugenol that is both antiseptic & anesthetic helps to diminish the dental pain.

  • Apply clove oil with cotton ball on the affected tooth area.
  • Keep clove on the tooth area and chew it several times to release oil hat relieves you from pain.

3.Cold compress- Cold compress or ice packs can also help you to ease with tooth pain. The old compress helps you to get relief from swelling that causes further serious infection. When cold compress is applied on the area, the blood vessels of the area gets constrict, slowing the flow of blood and makes the pain less severe, numbs the nerves and reduces inflammation.

  • Place the ice pack, ice covered in plastic bag or in thin cloth on the cheek above the painful tooth area for few minutes to numb the pain.

4.Peppermint- Peppermint can be used for toothache either as peppermint tea or oil. Peppermint has numbing properties that can relieve your tooth pain & sensitive gums. It contains menthol that gives it mint flavour & smell. This ingredient has antibacterial properties to provide cooling effect to your gums & teeth.
  • Drink warm peppermint tea or place warm tea bag on the affected area to get rid of pain.

5.Ginger- Ginger is a natural, powerful antiseptic that is packed with many active ingredients.Antibacterial properties can heal inflammation, swelling, redness and infections associated with dental pain. It strengthens your gum reducing the risk of gum diseases,oral infection and keep cavities away.
  • Chew raw ginger that provides the juice to soothe your pain.

6.Guava leaves- The fresh leaves of guava helps you relieve toothache. The pain can worse upon eating or drinking something extremely hot, cold or sour. The leaves have anti-inflammatory properties that makes it a perfect remedy against tooth pain. Its anti-microbial activity reduces the swelling and is effective aid for the oral care.
  • Chew fresh guava leaves so that the juice reaches the affected area of your tooth.   

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