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Friday, 29 March 2019

Long Hair | Hair growth Home Remedies

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Every girl, every woman desire to have long, thick & healthy hairs. But the problem of hair loss, hair fall, thinning of hair makes the people upset, worried & tensed. There are many causes of hair fall, hair loss; hectic lifestyle, stress, improper diet, pollution & even the hair care products, heating tools, and various others. Suffering from these hair problems makes all of us look for easy to get a chemical product to cover up the hair loss without noticing some of the side effects it can cause. But no need to worry anymore, go in your kitchen and grab some of the ingredients that can naturally help you to have hair that you dream of.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 natural products that make your hair grow faster and also nourishes them.

Onion juice

This is a tried and tested method that can do wonders on your hair. It is the most effective, efficient & the oldest remedy for all the hair problems. The reason for being it so effective on your hairs is it contains sulfur that boosts the production of collagen in your tissues and helps to promote the hair growth.
Using it is also very easy, chop the onion into small pieces and squeeze out its juice. Apply the juice on your scalp for 15-20 minutes and rinse off with the shampoo.   

Amla (Indian Gooseberry)

Amla is a home remedy for healthy, thick & smooth hairs. Studies have also mentioned that using amla for hair problems have shown many positive and effective results. Amla is a natural immunity booster rich in vitamin C & antioxidants that improve the blood circulation around your scalp and promotes hair growth.
Apply amla powder or juice with lime juice on your scalp and let it dry. Later wash off with warm water.


It is a herb that is very effective for your hairs, helps to grow hairs, strengthens them, removes dandruff and balances your body hormones. It contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory agent - Carnosol that increases the blood flow strengthens the hair roots and helps reverse hair loss. Rosemary oil has been used for centuries to stimulate hair growth.
Mix rosemary oil with coconut oil, olive oil or almond oil & apply it on your scalp, now massage your scalp. Let it stay on your hairs for about half an hour and later wash off with shampoo.

Egg mask

Many people have been using this remedy and have shared the feedback, that helps us to recommend it to use for your hair loss problem. Eggs contain the high level of proteins that are beneficial for your hairs, rebuild damaged hairs, strengthen, nourish your hair strands, and stimulates the formation of new hairs.
Mix 2 eggs with honey, milk & olive oil, Apply the mixture on your hairs. Wait for 30 minutes and rinse off with shampoo as usual. 


Methi is an old age remedy for hair growth problems. It is advised for your hair growth because it contains proteins and nicotinic acid that promotes hair growth, moisturize & also strengthen your hairs. Besides hair growth, it prevents premature aging and protects the natural color of your hairs. 
Make a smooth paste of fenugreek seeds and add coconut oil to it. Apply the paste on your hair and let it stay till it gets dry. Wash off with shampoo as usual

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