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Monday, 11 March 2019

Natural remedies to treat osteoporosis

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With growing age, your bones become weaker & bone mass also decreases. Osteoporosis means porous bones and that happens as you get older. The bone density loses so much that the bones cannot hold together and are at the risk of fracture or breaking. Thus, the most important is to preserve your bones.

5 Natural remedies for osteoporosis


To treat osteoporosis we need to preserve our bones. Bones need a sufficient amount of calcium to maintain its density and treat osteoporosis. A good source of calcium & proteins is soy-based foods. Nutritionists recommend adding tofu in your diet as it provides a sufficient amount of phytoestrogens that helps to regain bone strength.

Green leafy vegetables

To prevent osteoporosis it is very necessary to ensure that are you getting an adequate amount of calcium in your diet. Add fresh vegetables, fruits, and the most important green leafy vegetables in your diet. Incorporate green juices to ingest a greater amount of nutrients that are possibly provided by eating them raw. You eat them raw or drink juices but do add them in your diet as they help to keep bones stronger.


According to a study when a diet containing vinegar was served absorption of calcium was higher than the diet without vinegar. Bones require more nutrients with the age & that can be provided by vinegar as it helps to increase calcium level. Excess use can cause side effects thus moderate use is advisable and can be used in a salad or soup dressings.

Dairy products

Dairy products milk, paneer, cheese, yogurt are a good source of calcium, proteins, magnesium, vitamin d that are the essential source to build bone strength. Majority of researchers do recommend to include milk, paneer, other dairy products in your diet that will make your bones healthier & stronger.

Physical activity

It is an ideal way to keep your bones, muscles active and in good health. It is so because while exercising the signals are produced to replicate more bone cells, this increases muscle strength, mobility and reduces fractures risk, pain & bone loss. Prefer to start with aerobic activities, weight-bearing exercises, strength training, flexibility & balance exercises. But do always consult a doctor to get proper instructions before starting an exercise program.
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