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Friday, 1 March 2019

What causes wrinkles on face

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Crow's feet and laugh lines are the signs of aging. As your skin ages it loses its collagen, elasticity that shows fine lines and wrinkles on your face. But did you know there are many other factors that causes your skin to get wrinkles.

1. Pollution-
We would never think the environment we live in can play a vital roles in deep wrinkles and fine lines. Poisonous air can cause many skin problems; causing immature aging, wrinkles. Dermatologists found people living in urban areas had more wrinkles than those living in rural areas. To prevent it from further increasing be sure to wash your face at night before bed.

2. Smoking-
You might be surprised, but it is true. Smoking is biggest culprit for your wrinkles. This habit restricts oxygen flow to your skin & breakdown the collagen that contributes to wrinkles, saggy skin. 
However, the position; lips to puff can also cause wrinkles, fine lines around your mouth that results in premature aging.

3. Not removing makeup-
Have your ever felt sleep with your makeup, well it's good if you have  never. Many skin problems can occur if you sleep with your makeup on. As your face is not cleaned, the pores get clogged and no area is left to let your skin breath.This situation causes your skin to dry, speeding up aging process; it further leads to collagen breakdown, contributing to fine lines & wrinkles. 

4. Stress-
It has been proved that stress causes effect on your body & health in number of ways. Stress can be because of many reasons; busy work schedule, family problems, relationship issues that all affects you mentally, emotionally & even physically. When you are suffering from stress, your cortisol level increases while damaging collagen. These internal changes causes visible changes, developing wrinkles & premature aging.

Facial movements such squinting, furrowing your brows results in muscle contraction. As skin starts getting older, its elasticity loses & returning back to normal becomes difficult; thus excess of muscle movement causes wrinkle. Take a moment & notice while you squint, try to avoid doing it frequently, to let your skin be normal, feel younger & youthful. 

Thank you everyone for your views and comments, hope The Holisitc health is able to clear your doubts and provide you solutions. Thank you all.

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