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Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Skin Care tips in Summer at Home

Summers are here and so the season for your skin care. The flaming heat & blazing sun tends to affect your skin making it dry and patchy. The summers can be pretty harsh on your skin if proper skin care routine is not followed. Sun rays not only makes your skin tan but can also make it rough and more prone to pimples, rashes & acne.

Skincare tips for your skin in this summer:

Drink enough water- In this burning heat, your skin needs to be hydrated because if it is left dehydrated that can cause many skin problems. The skin loses its moisture the most with the sun rays that leave your skin dry, rough and can also cause skin burns. For healthy, smooth & hydrated skin consume enough water daily and always carry your water bottle when traveling to stay hydrated in this burning heat.

Exercise- In summers we get lazy, the flaming heat outside makes us feel like sleeping and doing nothing. We mostly skip our morning workout and just spend the day lethargically. But this can affect your skin and even your health. Exercise makes your body sweat that helps to remove the toxins from your body, but being lazy and not doing anything can make your skin more prone to pimples, patches & acne. Do not avoid exercise, it is better to do it when the sun is at its ease, early morning time or the dusk time. Indulge your body in walking, jogging or playing outside games. 

Do not touch your face frequently- It is the habit of many men & women to touch their frequently, this habit is not healthy for your skin. Your hand may be clean, but it always contains bacterias on them that may not be good for your skin. In our whole day, we touch many things and these things contains various microbes and if we have the tendency to touch our face most often, then these microbes can get on to your face and can have unhealthy symptoms such as acne, pimples.

Let your skin breath- Applying makeup is most common in today's world but this does not mean you apply it every time. In summers your body usually sweats to remove body toxins, but if your face is covered with makeup it will not get the space to move out of your body. However, the harmful toxins stay inside your body and have many negative effects on your skin or your overall health. Let your skin feel fresh, remove your makeup once you are back from your work. This will let your skin breath and makes your skin healthy & fresh.

In Summers while stepping out from your home always apply sunscreen. Sunscreen prevents your skin from the harmful effects of the sun rays that can cause tanning or skin burns.

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