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About Us

About Us

What The Holistic Health is all About

Hello Friends,

I am Shivani Thakur, the initiator of  Holistic Healthy Natural Life.
I created this blog just to share my knowledge for the use of Natural Remedies to treat any kind of Health issues. 
In today's world many people are suffering from one or the other health issues, and more importantly they are dependent on medications. But being dependent on medicines for even acute diseases is harmful for the body as the infections in your body gets resistant to the antibiotics provided and become anti-resistance. Microbial anti -resistance; when microbes becomes resistant to medications. The body then later suffers from these anti resistance microbes and acute diseases becomes chronic resulting to more hospital stays.

My Bio

I personally never ingest medicines for acute health issues, being when I suffer from any serious diseases. Living in Himachal Pradesh,we can find many plants,trees, leaves, herbs proved in research studies for health,medicinal purposes, purification,treatment many more. And I have completed my studies related to Biology itself.(Biotechnology).

The Blog

This blog is all about use of Home remedies or Natural products for Health, Beauty, Illness and any related issues.Many severe diseases and infection prevention's are also discussed. Its better to prevent the infections on first stage, rather then carrying them throughout your life. Thus, few remedies are discussed in Holistic Healthy Natural Life. Yet, it always advisable in the blog to test for small amount of product before applying, for any allergic effects; as many people are even prone allergic reaction with any product.


Name- Shivani ThakurCity- Kasauli
State- Himachal Pradesh
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